The model illustrates how the values enable what a school does, how it is done and most importantly why it is done; to improve outcomes for young people

Values are the guiding principles for an individual and an organisation. Values provide a purpose and identify what we care about. Values influence actions, behaviours and decisions. The PHRP Personal Values Model sets out nine core values linked to Teachers’ Standards, together with defined behaviours for individuals and organisations to aspire to; ultimately creating a high performing organisation.

Each of the values is defined, has identified behaviours and is supported by examples of work evidence relevant to different roles in school, so colleagues can demonstrate how they model the values.


Personal values and behaviours set out:

  • how we do things

  • what we say and how we say it

  • how we treat our colleagues and stakeholders


The aim is for the values and identified behaviours to become an integral part of day to day school life. Defined values provide clarity and focus by identifying how we can all achieve excellence

Model Integration


The values and behaviours can support the delivery of personal targets and objectives, school planning and prioritisation as well as engagement with everyone in the school community. The model is mapped to Teachers’ Standards and can be used in performance management including appraisal as well as during recruitment to help select new colleagues. The behaviours are relevant when working with others such as during team meetings, mentoring, coaching and having difficult conversations.


Recruitment - Personal Values Interviewing


Selecting ‘super people’ is critical for the success of your organisation in achieving excellence in teaching and learning.  As experienced recruiters, we can support and facilitate your recruitment and selection activity.


Exploring a candidate’s attitudes to work is important to ensure they are aligned to the values of your organisation. We specialise in providing personal values interviewing as part of a safer recruitment culture.  Trained as part of the NSPCC national pilot in this technique, we can facilitate a dedicated panel as part of your selection process.


Personal Values Interviewing is provided on a half day or whole day basis.


Contact us for a confidential and informal discussion to explore how this can work for you.

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