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Striving for success

Striving for success

Excluding Sales Tax

Striving for Success is a series of 3 x 15 minute videos to support you in successfully being appointed to your next job!


The videos cover:


Part 1 - Application 

Part 2 - Preparation

Part 3 - Interview


Each video is written and delivered by our recruitment specialist Sian Carter and she supports you at each stage of the process to show the best that you can be.  There is a helpful template to support each video with clear instruction on how to use it so that you are fully prepared and confident in what you want to convey.


Bonus support - we are including a 10 minute telephone consultation with Sian if you would like to ask her for advice about your own particular circumstances or dream job.

  • On-line Licence

    All three videos and supporting materials are available online for 30 days from purchase.  10 minute personal telephone consultation must be booked in advance and accessed during the 30 day licence.

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