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How we work

How We Work

Our Philosophy

We believe that the quality of our work speaks to the values that we hold and it is through our firmly held values that we improve our own organisation, but at the heart of what we do - is what you do.


We have a strong partnering philosophy which gives you confidence that you can access support quickly, that the information you receive is consistent and accurate, and that we understand your needs. Clear process driven and purposeful actions maintain an employer led approach and keep you firmly in the driving seat when it comes to tricky people management issues.


Our Mission

To deliver proactive, innovative people management advice and training to schools and academies in a way which directly supports our clients to react quickly and appropriately in a rapidly changing educational environment and which impacts on the achievement of outcomes for young people.


Our Vision

That PHRP is a recognised leader in the provision of people management services to schools which directly support school improvement and the achievement of excellence.

Our Values
    • Integrity
    • Responsible
    • Accurate
    • Quality
    • Organised


What We Do


PHRP employs experienced HR professionals with expertise in delivery to the education sector. We have worked with schools and academies for over 20 years and understand the specific needs of this specialised employment sector. We have supported school change and conversion to academy status since before the Academies Act 2010 and have significant experience in organisational change.


We work with maintained schools and academies, in multi-academy trusts and in federations and collaborations catering for mainstream, SEND and students who have been excluded from other settings.   Our clients are across all phases from nursery and pre-school settings, first, middle, through primary, secondary and post 16.


We provide support to trust boards, governors, and school leaders in responding to the complexities of change within the education sector and provide strategic advice to create appropriate structures and to manage the effects of transferred terms and conditions.


Always looking to the future, we advise our clients on the impact that political, legislative and cultural change is having on the recruitment and retention of staff, as well as supporting with policy implementation to manage an effective team. With extensive experience in appraisal and performance management, we enable our clients to deal quickly with levels of underperformance and organisational restructure to shape a team that delivers high standards of performance and demonstrates a strong values based approach.


Our aim is to empower the client, with sound knowledge and strategy so that you can remain focussed on teaching and learning.


PHRP advisers will map out a plan and a timeline of support with you, allowing you to flex and to respond to events as they unfold.  Dealing with tasks is straightforward, but people are much more complex and every situation has detail and context which makes it different to the next.  We work with our clients to identify that detail and support your response in accordance with your processes, your values and your beliefs..

what we do
What P`eople Say

Client Feedback


“Principal HR Partner Limited provides a first class service, with excellent response times to queries, well-researched relevant professional advice and proactive provision of training on ‘live’ education issues. They have led us capably through different and sometimes difficult operational and strategic issues of the school over the last few years. Leaders, including governors, have found their advice of immense value guiding them through various processes, details and implications of HR decisions. They are well informed, friendly and highly professional personnel who are a pleasure to work with sharing the same values. I highly recommend their service to other schools. “

"Since appointment as Headteacher we have used PHRP for all of our employment concerns. They are always available and the advice is professional, confidential and always compliant with the legality of any situation. As a result our process and procedure in all areas of HR is significantly more robust, our knowledge on how to apply these is enhanced by the excellent CPD sessions delivered by PHRP and as a ‘stand-alone’ Academy it is always reassuring to know that their support and reassurance is always readily available. I would have no hesitation in recommending their service to any educational establishment. The service we receive from PHRP is outstanding."