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PHRP Personal Values Model for Schools

People Management

Values are the guiding principles for an individual and an organisation. Values provide a purpose and identify what we care about. Values influence actions, behaviours and decisions. The PHRP Personal Values Model sets out nine core values linked to Teachers’ Standards, together with defined behaviours for individuals and organisations to aspire to; ultimately creating a high performing organisation.


The model illustrates how the values enable what a school does, how it is done and most importantly why it is done; to improve outcomes for young people.


Each of the values is defined, has identified behaviours and is supported by examples of work evidence relevant to different roles in school, so colleagues can demonstrate how they model the values.


Personal values and behaviours set out:

  • how we do things

  • what we say and how we say it

  • how we treat our colleagues and stakeholders


The aim is for the values and identified behaviours to become an integral part of day to day school life. Defined values provide clarity and focus by identifying how we can all achieve excellence.

The PHRP Values Model can be used to support your recruitment and selection activity, for managing performance and as part of restructuring processes.


Leadership and Management Training


PHRP offers training throughout the year as either single events or a series of workshops.  Many of our sessions are run as small interactive groups with a focus on exploring delegate experience and sharing practice.


Leadership and Management Training

We empower our clients with the knowledge and skills to tackle people management issues and strengthen their leadership team. We support new and experienced leaders and line managers through a range of scheduled and onsite, bespoke training events to:


  • Resolve difficult staffing issues

  • Implement policies and procedures

  • Undertake effective performance management

  • Determine fair and equitable processes for performance related pay

  • Manage capability processes

  • Manage sickness absence

  • Fairly end an employment contract

  • Manage staff use of social media

  • Implement effective redundancy and selection processes

  • Enhance interviewing & selection skills

View our events page to see training which is coming up this year or contact us for a confidential and informal discussion to explore how our training can work for you.

Governor Training


Develop your governor resource to understand their role in school improvement, strengthen the leadership team and effectively handle people management issues.


Offering practical and clear advice and guidance, we can provide one off training events or a programme of development tailored to reflect client need.


Topics include:

  • Briefings on current and anticipated staffing changes

  • People Management Governor Induction

  • Interviewing techniques

  • Handling key people management issues

  • Conducting dismissal hearings


Our governor training can be designed as individual sessions or packages to provide awareness, deliver operational competence or technical expertise in all aspects of people management.



Safer Recruitment


We provide both one day accredited training for those new to being involved in school or academy recruitment and a half day refresher for those who have completed the accredited training before.

Safer Recruitment Training - Full Day

This training meets the statutory requirement for a member of the recruitment panel to be trained in Safer Recruitment.


Focusing on how to:

  • help deter

  • reject

  • prevent individuals

who are unsuitable to work with young people.


This certificated course provides you with recruitment and selection best practice guidance and comprehensive reference materials.


Safer Recruitment Refresher Training - Half Day

Suitable for those who have completed the accredited training before but would benefit from an update, this half day refresher training supports your setting’s commitment to creating a culture of vigilance.

Both sessions have practical elements and include case study examples.

Pre-Employment Checking Workshop

Once you have selected the best candidate to work with you, it is critical to ensure there is nothing preventing them from working with the young people you have a duty to safeguard. Governed by statutory guidance and inspected by Ofsted, your pre-employment checking processes must be technically correct and thorough.


The list of required checks has grown in recent years and the guidance for ensuring you request the relevant documents and check them in the correct way is also increasing. 


PHRP offers this practical workshop to ensure your organisation is compliant and your processes are robust.


It is our aim for you to understand:

  • what pre-employment checks need to be completed

  • what documents are acceptable for particular checks

  • the information you need to check on the documents to satisfy the statutory guidance

  • issues to look out for which need to be flagged up

  • the retention and recording of documentation and information including best practice on your Single Central Record


This session is supported by a comprehensive set of useful checklist templates to aid management of the process and can be run in-house for MATs or groups or schools.

Safer Recruitment - Pre-Employment Checking Review and On-site Coaching

Compliance with safer recruitment statutory guidance is critical, not only to ensure you protect young people but also to organisational success.  Ofsted will inspect your pre-employment vetting and checking processes, and the new General Data Protection Regulation brings greater responsibility to process personal data in accordance with its principles.

We offer schools and academies a quality assurance review on your pre-employment checking process assessing how you meet the current requirements and what improvements, if any, could make your process more robust.
The review includes:

  • One full day on-site visit 

  • Review an agreed sample of your personnel files against the SCR

  • Identification of compliance issues

  • Advice on safer recruitment pre-employment checks

  • Assessment of whether identity documents are being checked and verified in accordance with the guidance

  • Document retention check and best practice advice

  • Provision of safer recruitment checklists

If you would like further information or wish to make arrangements for a review in your organisation, please contact us.


Training dates can be found on our events page.


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