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About PHRP 

Our Philosophy

We believe that the quality of our work speaks to the values that we hold and it is through our firmly held values that we improve our own organisation, but at the heart of what we do - is what you do.


We have a strong partnering philosophy which gives you confidence that you can access support quickly, that the information you receive is consistent and accurate, and that we understand your needs. Clear process driven and purposeful actions maintain an employer led approach and put you firmly in the driving seat when it comes to tricky people management issues.


We provide the following services:

  • HR Advice - annual contract

  • HR Consultancy - pay as you use services

  • Leadership Coaching in people management

  • Training Services - on site, bespoke training

  • Training Events - scheduled throughout the academic year.

  • Data Protection and GDPR Advisory Service

  • Data Protection Officer - training and consultancy

  • Investigation Services

  • Mediation Services

  • TUPE Transfers

  • Safer Recruitment review and on-site coaching


Our Training Events

PHRP offers training throughout the year as either single events or a series of workshops.  Many of our sessions are run as small interactive groups with a focus on exploring delegate experience and sharing practice.  We also offer training on site.


Topics include:

  • Handling Difficult Conversations

  • Performance Management

  • Managing Capability

  • Managing Social Media at Work

  • Planning and Managing a Restructure

  • Redundancy and Selection Skills

  • Absence Management

  • Wellbeing

  • Interviewing & Selection Skills

  • Safer Recruitment

  • Managing Safeguarding Allegations

  • Pre-employment Checking Workshop

  • Data Protection Officer and GDPR


Skills for Leaders

Emphasised key points clearly, a super pace and time to ask questions, high quality and well prepared.  Really enjoyed it.

Chase View Primary School

Katy Dixey

Client Feedback