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Updated: Apr 14, 2021

It is International Women’s day and discounts are flying into my inbox with bargains on shoes, food, clothes and more. Surely there’s more to it than this? Why is there still a need for such a day and will Megan and Harry’s daughter be in need of this day when she grows up?

Unfortunately, in 2021 women are underrepresented in meaningful and influential leadership roles with only a quarter of seats in parliaments around the world occupied by women. Whilst we all do our bit, to tackle the current crisis, the profile and impact of women is higher than ever.

Women are a shining success in leading countries or world organisations such as Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand, Angela Merkel in Germany and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala the newly appointed Nigerian Director General of the World Trade Organisation. But women are also a shining success closer to home. Today, as pupils return to their schools I applaud the mum next door who has worked tirelessly to enrich and improve her children’s lives during this past year, keeping them safe, well fed and stimulated day and night, indoors and out, weekdays and weekends.

Women are challenging and bringing about lasting improvements whether it be on the world stage or in their homes. These are the themes for today…and beyond.

· Celebrate tech women and innovation

· Applaud equality for women in sport

· Educate women on health choice decisions

· Build inclusive workplaces so women can thrive

· Increase visibility of women creatives

· Forge women’s empowerment worldwide

However big or small, the choices you make can help challenge the inequalities. Hopefully for the Queen’s tenth great-granddaughter such awareness raising days will no longer be needed.

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