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Hands up...who needs a break?

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

How many new things have you done since March 23rd? Did you ever imagine that you would deliver on-line learning to the majority of your pupils, that you would be delivering food parcels to families, that you could operate with staggered lunchtimes or that your school assemblies and parents evenings would go on line via 'Teams'....did you even know what 'Teams' was before Easter and are your team competent in it yet? This isn't intended to be just a series of questions but I continue to be flabbergasted by the events that have unfolded to affect our lives so completely, and not just our lives here, but the world over.

I don't think I will ever forget the feeling I had when the Prime Minister announced at 5 o'clock that evening....pubs and restaurants must close their doors tonight and as soon as could have been Winston Churchill announcing that we were at war in terms of the impact it had on me. How can it be that we live in a country where pubs and restaurants are not allowed to open, where we are limited to where we can go and for what purpose, and incredibly that in some places it is now illegal to go to your friend's house. I'll never get used to wearing a mask in a shop, constantly sanitising my hands nor feel that it is normal to stay away from other people.

Surely some good has come of this, attendance and behaviour management seems to be improved in schools, our new IT skills can save us time and provide some improvements to work life balance and when it comes to queuing, I've become more patient (largely through necessity).

We are working with new school leaders who are bravely navigating their first term during the most complicated of restrictions. Long serving and experienced leaders who are thinking of retiring just that bit earlier and our mid career leaders who are digging in deep to deal with the 'now' of it and trying to avoid considering what is coming next.

My internal barometer tells me you're more than ready for a break and you deserve it. We hope you take some quality time this half term to re-charge and to do something that makes you happy. Take care.

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