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Have you taken the challenge yet?

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

During our Partner Event last week we focused on resilience and as part of this, setting yourself goals. Have you taken the challenge to invest some time in yourself and your team to set a professional and personal focus for 2021?

Despite the huge adversities in 2020, there have been such great success stories and lessons learnt, providing you with plenty to reflect on and the opportunity to improve yourself for 2021 and beyond.

So take some time, initially for yourself and then with your staff, as a way of staying connected and supporting your staff, to think about the positives, leading to decisive action.

Consider these questions:

  • what did you do well?

  • what challenged you the most and why?

  • what values emerge for you?

  • what do you want to improve on this year?

Focus on 3 areas to improve in, during 2021, which consist of 2 professional goals and 1 personal development goal. In doing so, consider these questions:

  • what will the first step be?

  • what support do you need?

  • when will you do this?

  • how will you hold yourself accountable ?

A goal without a plan to take action is a wish, so you need to commit to that the first step and those that follow. This consistent and constant movement forward, will enable you to achieve what you set out to achieve and possibly more.

Just remember that you may not be able to influence what is happening externally, but you do have control over what you choose to focus on and work towards.

by Charles Mackesy

You will find a link below to the goal planning activity form, so if you have not already done so, please take some time to plan your 3 areas of focus for 2021 and begin that journey, step by step.

4 2021 Goal Planning Activity
Download PDF • 156KB

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